Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

Daniel’s platform for the office is to update technology and implement state of the art security features. Despite having a technology fund created for this intended reason, the current elected official has yet to implement new technologies. Year after year, my opponent’s continues to make the promise to update technology with their Technology Fund, yet we as taxpayers are left paying for a fund that shows no benefit.


Daniel Rappa plans to implement a digital e-recording system that will finally bring this office into the 21st century. This implementation will speed up and simplify the overall filing process from start to finish. Currently, New Castle County is the only county to not offer this benefit.
Safety & Security

As a strong believer in stopping crime, Daniel will enact software that will stop deed fraud in its tracks. These safety features will let residents know immediately if someone is trying to commit deed fraud on any property that they own.

Experience You Can Trust
As a Financial Advisor and businessman, Daniel has had the privilege of being a leader and mentor in may facets of office administration. Daniel has consulted with businesses within their finance, accounting, marketing and management departments. Daniel will not only be an asset to the Recorder of Deeds office but an asset to the Row Office of New Castle County.

Term Limits

Daniel is a strong believer that fresh minds think differently. After seeing first hand the poor performance of the current Recorder of Deeds administration, Daniel has vowed to support term limits to reduce career politicians which overtime can have a detrimental effect to the entire economy.
Keeping Promises
I promise to fulfill the goals that I set in my fiscal plan. This includes updating technology that has not been done through many election cycles.

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